What Happens if You Drop a Vape in Water?


You most likely take your vape with you everywhere you go. In light of this, you’ll come into circumstances from time to time where dropping your gadget into water is a real possibility. The possibility of water damage might make any vaper nervous, regardless of whether they are using the sturdy Tugboat Ultra 6000 Puffs or the elegant Tugboat Evo 4500 Puffs. But do not worry! Let’s explore what occurs when your vape suddenly fails and how to get it back up and running.

However, the issue with submerging a vaporizer in water is that water and wires don’t mix. Submerging a vaporizer in water would likelycauses it to permanently die. However, in certain situations, there might be a chance to restore a device that has been submerged in water to operational conditions.

What Occurs If You Submerge a Vape Device in Water?

The first thing you should do after dropping a vaporizer in water is take it out of the water right away. Vapes and other electrical devices can sustain lasting harm from water in two ways.

  1. Water contaminants can conduct electricity, which could result in a short circuit. Pure water is not a good conductor since practically all water contains contaminants like dissolved minerals. You should not attempt to use a vaping device that you have just dropped into the water as there is an excellent chance of a short circuit, which might permanently damage the device.
  2. Additionally, water can damage a vaping device’s interior metal components. Corrosion, in contrast to a short circuit, is more of a chronic issue that might not immediately impair the device’s functionality. After a few weeks or months, your device can start acting strangely or stop functioning altogether.

Tips for Repairing a Vape After It Gets Wet

  1. You just dropped your vape pen into the water. How ought one to proceed? As we just discussed, preventing a short circuit should be your top priority. As soon as possible, take the equipment out of the water. Should the gadget possess a detachable battery, it is advisable to extract and reserve the battery. Remove the battery cover.
  2. If the item you’re using has a removable tank or pod, you ought to take it out and put it away. If required, you can clean that part by rinse it in clean water and letting it air dry.
  3. There is no need to worry about a short circuit with a vape tank or pod because they do not contain any electronic components. Additionally, it’s critical to disassemble your vaporizer as much as possible because doing so will promote airflow within the apparatus.
  4. Blowing through the device to drive the water out of the air intake hole is one of the simplest ways to remove water from a disposable vape. While blowing forcefully through the mouthpiece, place a paper towel over the intake hole at the bottom of the device. This can help you remove a large portion of water that may have gotten inside the gadget.


It can be rather upsetting to drop your Tugboat Evo 4500 or Tugboat Ultra 6000 puffs into the water by accident, but most of the time, you can save the day if you move quickly and carefully. Don’t forget to take swift action to stop more damage, turn off the device, and completely dry it out. You should be able to revive your vape device and enjoy your favorite flavors without missing a beat by following these procedures.

Cheers to pleasant vaping and keeping your Tugboat vaporizer afloat!



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